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I draw what I like! ♥

that includes:
tales of (mostly xillia haha)
............holy shit I can't think of any more iS THAT ALL I REALLY DRAW OMG
+ MORE-----MAYBE???
SUPER BELATED ART TRADE WITH KRIS!!! He requested butler!jual ^Q^ <3333 LOL I’m so sorry this took so long…I draw at a snail’s pace…..weeps;;;
quick 15 minute (fem?)jude doodle I did in clip studio!! I need to….slowly…wean myself from sai….. //gross muffled sobbing

quick guzheng cover for my buds rins and lore who are working on a visual novel called spirit parade!!! i’m awful and extremely out of practice but PLS SUPPORT THEM THEY ARE SUCH TALENTED AND WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!! FRANTICALLY WAVES POM POMS


when ur friend makes great art


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spent the last few days sewing a ludger felt plush! damn I haven’t sewn anything for a year LOL……stares at all those glaring mistakes….
bloody version of blood brothers, my very much belated gift to kris for his birthday ^q^!!! I, uh, liked both versions so there we go ahaha

blood brothers

belated bday gift for dear Kris! bless your soul we share the same otps I’M SO SORRY IT’S LATE AS FUCK………..smashes head into a wall (I also still owe you dat art trade…SOON I’M SORRY WEEPS)
I was actually going to draw you fluffy julius/ludger but then look what fucking happened HAHA sweats;;;; there’s also a bloody version I’ll post tomorrow ^q^!! don’t wanna flood the tag with my gross art


From the “Elite Hunter” skit (choice L1).


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